Enhancing performance in the civil service

Royal Civil Service Commission



To ensure effectiveness and reduce administrative burden, the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, conducted a review of the government’s Performance Management System (PMS).

According to the commission, the PMS is a critical management tool to ensure accountability and performance.

The commission, during its 142nd meeting held on 7 June, approved the executive assessment amendments for implementation from 1 July onwards.

This includes the new Agency Performance Agreement (APA) with differentiated levels of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the agency, department, and division level which comprise elements of business delivery, financial management, and strategic human resource management (HRM).

These strategies will be used as a single reference document for senior civil servant (SCS) performance assessment in addition to the online Leadership Feedback System report.

It also states that the Head of Agencies’ (HoA) annual performance assessment will be carried out by an independent panel spearheaded by RCSC in August-September every year. 

It further iterates that all executives will have to assess the annual performance of their direct reports based on the new assessment framework, and the Support Function Assessment (SuFA) is now discontinued.

According to the commission, a new competencies assessment will be based on a leadership capabilities framework in direction, drive, and delivery. The areas of assessment comprise shaping strategic view, leads and change, and personal mastery.

Similarly, cultivating productive working relationships through managing others exemplifies personal drive and integrity, communicating effectively, achieving results, and using resources effectively and efficiently are some of the assessment areas.

While the new features for the SCS assessment framework comprise differentiated APA targets by reporting the hierarchy of the agency, multiple reference documents besides APA, LFS report, customers feedback reports, ACC and RAA report, and any other relevant documents.  Besides that, it also comprises competency-based and continuous assessment and moderation of SCS’s performance.

The process for the SCS assessment framework includes planning, monitoring, and evaluation. In the planning, the executive to finalize APA targets for the next financial year. Whereas for monitoring, provision to update progress on a real-time basis, at a minimum quarterly update is necessary on the online system and need of an agency to constantly update focal commissioner or chairperson on the progress or issues a relevant at a minimum quarterly. Similarly, for evaluation purposes, an independent panel to assess the executive who is HoA at the end of the appraisal period, the focal commissioner to present the executive reporting directly to the commission, and secretaries or HoA to present on the assessment of their direct report

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