BCCI completes studies on the PBOIS, 2021

The focus sectors of the study are agriculture, manufacturing and tourism



With an aim to help substitute import, increase export, generate meaningful employment for the Bhutanese and supplement the Royal Government of Bhutan’s long-standing ambition of economic self-reliance, the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry has completed the study of the Potential Business Opportunities Identification Study 2021 (PBOIS).

According to the BCCI, the PBOIS is a comprehensive report identifying potential business opportunities across 20 dzongkhags of Bhutan. Currently, the economic activities are mostly concentrated in urban centers. One of the main aspirations of the study is to create ample business opportunities in the rural areas.

The press release from the BCCI states that the growth of rural areas is of paramount importance to achieve sustainable and equitable socio-economic development of our country. It will also help mitigate the rural-urban migration which is becoming a neglected issue but a pressing one.

“If the measures are not put in place to address this today, it might lead to greater imbalance within the country,” states the press release.

The main objectives of the study were to identify potential economic activities for 20 dzongkhags, which will enhance income-earning capacity and improve the livelihood, especially of the rural populace and explore business opportunities with potential to scale.

. The 20 potential business opportunities identified through this study are processing of dallesauce; manufacturing of gummy candy; yak riding center; reprocessing of hard plastics for flowerpots; processing of flavored drinking yogurts and landscaping contractors.

The study was also focused on the manufacturing of finger fryums; native chicken farming; processing of ginger garlic paste; manufacturing of nuts and bolts; frozen peas production unit; manufacturing of canned fruit cocktail and manufacturing of sachet based ezay amongst others.