Bhutan needs to gear towards improving tourism infrastructure

After the seventh session of the Third Parliament had enacted that Tourism Levy Act of Bhutan, being a money bill, it came into effect since the day it was introduced. It was introduced in 20 June. The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has also confirmed that the revised monument fees will come into effect from 14 July. Now, Bhutan needs to prepare to give for what we demand. Bhutan needs to gear towards improving tourism infrastructure.

3,500 licensed tour operators in the country will have to compete through the quality of services, programmes and facilities while providing itineraries to the tourists. This would mean the tour operators should start working to improve the facilities.

The main objective of the government of increasing Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) to USD 200 per person per night is to make Bhutan exclusive tourist destination.

Lyonchhen Dr Lotay Tshering in his clarification to the public through national television said that the plan is to invest in the sector and make Bhutan a high-end tourist destination. Investment according to the Lyonchhen is to improving guides, hygiene and sanitation, food services, and ensuring safe society. The concern agency should begin to train tour guides. But what improving mean? It should be more than cultural disciplined ambassador. What are the criteria to improve upon. There should be specific fields.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Maintaining hygiene and sanitation would depict as another brand of tourist destination. How and who is responsible for this? Tourists would definitely commend on food quality and lodging services. Tourist hotel need to work on improving the food quality and lodging services? But what is there more than existing food quality and lodging services. Tourists would demand for the paid amount.

Bhutan being known for happiness and living as harmonious society, security is not a serious concern in the country as of now.

However, ensuring safety society is an important matter-for both Bhutanese society and the tourists. But what needs to be done here? Concern agency got to gear towards ensuring safety of society.

Digital financial transaction and telecommunication services for the tourists should be also improved. Improving infrastructure and services do not restrict western Bhutan but to eastern and southern regions as well. There are limited infrastructures in these regions and the concern agencies should not leave these regions behind.

If not, Bhutan listed as top tourist destination may lose its credibility.