Lunana Cordyceps records Nu 2.851-m per kg

An open auction of cordyceps of Lunana at Goen Shari in Punakha



In an open auction of cordyceps of Lunana at Goen Shari, Punakha fetched Nu 2.851 million (m) per kilogram (kg) on 22 July. This records highest price compared to previous year. The two-day open auction of cordyceps for the collectors of Khamed-Lunana, Gasa was held at Goen Shari in Punakha.

Varying in grades, the high quality cordyceps fetched Nu 2.851-m per kg while the lowest was Nu 0.36-m per kg for low quality herbal.

The medium grades cordyceps were bided at the range of Nu 1.265-2.056-m per kg.

The cordyceps of Lunana last year saw only Nu 1.3-m per kg. One of the collectors from Lunana said the quality of cordyceps last year was poor.

About 24 cordyceps collectors have turned up for the auction while about 22 bidders bided for the fungus this year. 

Gyem Phub from Lunana said that this year, the collectors could fetch good price. “This year, it is a bumper year. We are satisfied with the price and feel we are paid for our toil,” he said.

However, few cordyceps collectors from Lunana couldn’t turn for the auction.

The park officials of Gasa said that the collectors have reserved chopper tickets and they could not come due to poor weather.

What Gyem Phub said is the collectors could not turn up for this year’s open auction as they did not get good price last year.

Samdrup from Lunana who couldn’t turn up for the auction said that despite few collectors couldn’t turn due to poor weather, unlike in the past years, the highlanders from Lunana couldn’t collect much. He said, “People from Laya and Sephu had tress passed in their area and hence, the collectors from Lunana couldn’t collect more.”

Despite the collectors had planned to attend the auction following a mule track, Samdrup said that they don’t know proper track via Laya while there was threat to travel via Sephu due to the incident during the collection.

The highlanders of Gasa get good harvest after every four years according to Samdrup.

About 42 different grades of cordyceps were sold during the first day of auction according to the park officials.

There were no one from Khamed and the park officials said that usually there are less collectors from Khamed.