Securing your phone: Anti-Theft mobile tracker app

Tech Zone Bhutan



A recently established software company Tech Zone Bhutan in Thimphu have brought the franchisee of the mobile application called Anti-Theft Mobile Tracker App (ATMT Pro) from Aarush GOC Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, India.

The mobile application has 20 features to secure the mobile from intruders.

The parent company has already given the franchisee in Canada, Bangladesh, Nepal, and now Bhutan.

Tech Zone Bhutan was established in May 2022 to provide the best product and services to the costumer living in this techy era.

The manager of Tech Zone Bhutan, Amit Khazum says that mobile phones have become more popular than laptops and desktops. They are easy to carry and technological advancements have enabled them to perform nearly all those computers’ functions.

“From saving our bank details, password and checking emails to purchasing items online. We all engage in all these activities on mobile phones. So, losing mobile phone is a stress because you lose all the important details,” he added

Pema Dorji, one of the user shares that the app has made him feel secure enabling him to carry his phone without worries.

It also has the feature to detect the virus and malicious app that may be hacking the phone.

“The app is of great use and we don’t have to worry about our phone being stolen or lost, it can be tracked,” said one of the app users.

Tech Zone Bhutan says that the mobile application is very useful to the android mobile user to find misplaced and lost mobiles devices.

The company also says ATMT gives user the power of controlling their mobile phone data and location info in case of theft. “You can remotely lock your mobile and delete your personal data. ATMT will also send the location information to recipient number.”

Even if a phone is kept in silent mode, Tech Zone Bhutan reassures its user not to worry as the user can send the alarm code from anyone’s mobile number to loud ring or alarm it in silent mode. If the intruders use wrong password for three times; the photo and the location link will be delivered to recipient WhatsApp.

Amit Khazum said that one should secure their android smart phone not just because they are expensive but they carry a lot of important documents and data. One may be able to purchase new phone but the pictures and data are priceless.

ATMT Pro is premium application with their own server for Bhutanese mobile number. Therefore, Tech Zone Bhutan has zero data stealing and sharing policy where user’s data remains with them only.

Tech Zone Bhutan intends to give distributorship to 1-2 interested individual in a dzongkhag with good profit margin.

Their primary product for now is Anti-Theft Mobile Tracker Application software and they also deal with billing software, antivirus and digital business cards and very soon they plan to deal with IT accessories, mobile accessories and gadgets.