The Japanese government will offer a second round of scholarships for human resource development

Ambassador V. Namgyel and Ambassador of Japan to Bhutan Suzuki Satoshi signed the Exchange of Notes under the second phase of the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship on 22 July 2022 in New Delhi



The Bhutanese Ambassador to Japan, V. Namgyel, and Suzuki Satoshi, the Japanese ambassador to Bhutan, exchanged notes as part of the second phase of the project for Human Resource Development Scholarship on 22 July in New Delhi.

The Royal Government of Bhutan will receive a grant from the Government of Japan amounting to Yen 194 million in 2023 to support nine master’s and one PhD program for young government professionals at Japanese universities, according to a news release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship between Bhutan and Japan is currently in its second phase. According to the press release, Bhutan would have access to 36 Master’s programs and 4 PhD programs under this phase between 2023 and 2026.

According to the press release, the Royal Civil Service Commission identified two main areas for the scholarship courses after consulting with various organizations, one of which is improving administrative skills and institution building, which includes developing economic policy, public policy, and international relations.

Another step is to lay a solid foundation for sustained economic growth, which includes policies for agriculture and rural development, catastrophe risk reduction, combating climate change, and developing sustainable infrastructure. Economics, engineering, seismology, flood disasters, data analytics, mining, and artificial intelligence are priority areas for the PhD program.

Ambassador V. Namgyel conveyed the deep appreciation of the Royal Government and people of Bhutan to the Government and people of Japan for their steadfast and generous support to Bhutan’s socio-economic development for many years, and for their assurances of continued support in the years ahead.

Ambassador Suzuki Satoshi said that the project for Human Resource Development Scholarship will impart advanced knowledge to young public officials of Bhutan, which is essential for the country’s development, and will further enhance mutual understanding between Japan and Bhutan.

Furthermore, it claims that the project for human resource development scholarship offers complete scholarships with the goals of fostering bilateral ties between the two countries and supporting human resource development. The Government of Japan contributed funding for the first phase, which ran from 2018 to 2022, to support scholarships for 36 Master’s degree and four PhD courses for Bhutanese officials.

High-quality human resource is the key to the economic and social development of a nation. Building specialized knowledge and enhancing qualification of Bhutanese government officials will strengthen the capacity of the civil service to contribute to Bhutan’s socio-economic development, added the press release.

Meanwhile, the Government of Japan has been generously supporting Bhutan in many different areas, such as agriculture, telecommunications, rural electrification, construction of bridges, building of schools, providing fire engines, police patrol cars, compactor trucks, ambulances, and medical equipment and farm machinery.

Further the Royal Government of Bhutan also received generous support from the Government of Japan to fight against the spread of Covid-19 and help with the economy recovery effort of the Royal Government.

The press release also states that like all the other projects supported by the Government of Japan till date, this project too will further strengthen the excellent bonds of friendship, understanding, and cooperation between Bhutan and Japan.