His Majesty and the Nation’s Common Dreams

This week, His Majesty the King granted an Audience to the 2019-2022 batch graduating from the Royal Institute of Management in the capital. In His conversation with the graduates, His Majesty spoke about Bhutan’s challenges as a nation, concerns over issues we face today, and our way forward if we are to secure a bright future for our children.

His Majesty said that to achieve all our common goals and aspirations, it is important to be consistent in our endeavours and continue to aspire to achieve our common aspirations on a daily basis.

To achieve the most of our professions and derive love and respect for the jobs we pursue, His Majesty added that it is important to choose the right career path as we spend substantial time of our lives serving our duties. Further, keeping ourselves abreast of the changing times were key to growth as we are cannot afford lag behind. 

His Majesty said that Bhutan is going through a transformation because we have a window of opportunity in which to forever change the course of our future, and ensure that our children inherit a successful nation.

A visionary monarch, He said that there can be no greater act of compassion than to be strong, resilient and unwavering for the sake of our children’s future.

However, His Majesty’s reiterated that His foremost concerns were about the economy and our inability to export more to maintain the trade balance. While infrastructure and education are the foundations for building a strong future, His Majesty said that these are also our weaknesses at present.

Further, His Majesty said that we can no longer rely on hydropower as putting all eggs in one basket can never be a safe bet. Therefore, to diversify our economic basket while ensuring efficient public funds would go a long way in securing our future.

Despite all the ongoing challenges His Majesty expressed confidence in the bureaucracy, the government and citizens of Bhutan which He said is a source for optimism, and something we must build upon.

His Majesty’s said: “In a world where knowledge and skills are increasingly becoming cheaper and more accessible, values are still precious. In such a world, our true advantage is being dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. This must become our anchor– something to build as our national identity as Bhutanese.”

Talking to the graduates, His Majesty the King outlined the vision and His faith on the common citizenry who He believes is the nation’s biggest strength and asset.

How long and truly we can serve, however, remains to be seen. May Bhutan evolve to the vision His Majesty always dreams and cherishes.