DTT gears up for familiarization tour

The ECB formally approved DDT as a registered political party in the country after it fulfilled the requirements for registration

 ECB formally approved DDT as a registered political party in the country on 22 August 


The Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) will soon embark on a familiarization tour to all dzongkhags to officially introduce their party for the next national assembly elections.

The preparation comes following the formal approval from the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) on 22 August as a registered political party in the country. The party applied for its registration in May this year.

A party official said that they are developing the schedule following which they will submit it to the ECB for approval. He said the familiarization tour will begin from the eastern dzongkhags.

Familiarization or introductory tours are allowed for both aspiring candidates and political parties. It takes the party and candidates to the people’s doorstep to introduce themselves and hear from the electorate.

Party President Kinga Tshering said that the familiarization tour is an opportunity to listen to the problems and discuss the solution. “As a new political party, many people are not familiar with us. We will take the opportunity to share our ideas.”

“Forget about the solution, we don’t even know the problems,” he said, adding that it is presumptuous to say that political parties think they know all problems in the areas.

As the familiarization tour is part of preparatory activities leading to the election campaign, the president said his party would not carry out any unofficial campaigns. “This is not in our values and vision. We still have more than a year that is enough,” he added.

Kinga Tshering described their vision as a value-based political party in pursuit of the Gross National Happiness state. “Thuendrel as a value-based party places the highest value in the collective national goals articulated by His Majesty the King, the critical and the need of the hour being, economic progress, and prosperity.”

He said that the party comprises a dedicated team of professionals from diverse fields of expertise to bring the much-needed reforms to match those that the country envisions.

While the nation’s economy may be at the forefront of DTT’s agenda, the party says it will integrate all other objectives in its strategy for accomplishing the goal so as not to lose sight of the overarching goal of achieving GNH.

“As a political party, Thuendrel is an ardent advocate of putting the nation first by making personal and collective sacrifices in the pursuit of a progressive modern economy anchored in the timeless tradition of GNH society under the visionary guidance of our benevolent monarchs,” it stated.

The party also says it has already been familiarizing itself with some of the main frameworks on political philosophies, economic development, and scientific STEM approaches. 

In addition, the party vice-president Chenga Tshering (Ph.D.) said that the pledges will be developed in consultation with the public based on their needs. “For example, every chiwog has its own problems that are different from another. We will consider only achievable activities,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kinga Tshering said that the certificate of registration from the ECB brings mixed feelings. “It is a great sense of accomplishment and joy but at the same time we also feel the responsibility and burden as we go forward,” he said.

“I think this is the trust as ECB has always maintained the highest of the standard in verifying the documents,” he added. “Today we have taken the first step to emerge as a choice for the Bhutanese in the forthcoming elections in 2023.”