A cool splash to beat the summer heat

People beating the summer’s heat in the pool. Pic: Kinley Dorji


Located at Tshokona in Lobesa, Green Pool, a recently founded swimming pool, has become the latest hangout for residents of Punakha and Wangdue to beat the scorching summer heat.

Apart from the swimming pool, there are numerous other attractions including a Futsal court and hot-stone baths to while away your time for a memorable weekend or a holiday experience.

25-year-old Kinley Dorji, the owner of the business complex says that about 40 people visit his swimming pool during weekdays, while the figure jumps to as much as 70 during weekends and holidays.

In addition to the locals of Wangdue and Punakha, customers from as far as Thimphu visit the swimming pool including commuters travelling the Thimphu-Wangdue highway as the pool is located in a serene spot right beside the road.

To make the experience more memorable for people of all walks of life, the swimming pool is divided into sections which also have special segments for children. The owners claim that the safety aspects are also compromised.

The owners charge Nu 250 for adults and Nu 150 for children who can spend a substantial amount of time as there are no time limits set. For regular visitors they have created a special scheme to attract more customers.

Their hot-stone baths are also equally popular among visitors with charges ranging from Nu 800 for singles and Nu 1000 for couples, or groups of more than two. They also have boating facilities to add to their multitude of high-end services.

The complex also has a cafeteria where visitors can grab snacks and refreshments for a complete holiday experience.

A regular visitor, Sonam Wangmo says she visits the swimming pool with her children especially during the summers as the mercury soars. Punakha and Wangdue also experience sub-tropical climate which adds to the attractions.

Visitors to the pool say the services are good while the fees are reasonable. In addition, the owners have created a nice ambience that adds to the overall charm of the business.

However, Kinley Dorji says that the main challenge that they face is cleaning the pool routinely which takes a lot time and effort. They clean the pool and replace the waters two to three times a week.

In addition, there are hardly any visitors during the cooler winter months.

Nonetheless, the owners are upbeat that their business will thrive even during the leaner months after they install heating systems, which they are planning to install at the earliest.