Candidates pledge good road connectivity and better services

Ash Bdr Rai
Santosh Rai

Voters of Melong Gang and Thuloong Gang under Dophuchen Gewog in Samtse will elect their Tshogpa on 29 September this week



The two candidates representing the bye-elections of Melong Gang – Thuloong Gang Chiwog Tshogpa under Dophuchen Gewog, Samtse pledges to bring visible changes to their chiwogs should they get elected.

Both candidates had vouched to serve the communities by bringing facilities and services right at their voter’s doorsteps.

One of the candidates, Santosh Rai, 39, from Thuloong Gang assures that road connectivity, which remains a major hurdle, should be addressed first. He adds that proposing a road in Dunglakha and base course for other existing farm roads will remain his priority.  

Santosh said he will act as a bridge between his community, gewog, dzongkhag and government officials should he get the opportunity to serve.

“One of the biggest impediments, the people of our Chiwog face, is attending numerous meetings which is inconvenient for most. I will assure that such meetings and gatherings will be conducted at the individual village level so that it is convenient and easy for all,” Santosh said.  

Santosh Rai has a formidable track record of having served as the village Tshogpa for 17 long years.

Meanwhile, the other candidate Ash Bir Rai, 28, from the same village is re-contesting for the Tshogpa post after he was defeated in the last Local Government elections.

Ash Bir Rai says that despite sweeping changes in their communities their Chiwog has remained underdeveloped for long.

Buoyed by the support of his people, Ash Bir says he is ready to take the mantle of representing his community and help serve the Tsa-wa-sum to the best of his capabilities.

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB), in pursuance of Sections 577 and 579 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008, called for bye-elections for the post of Gewog Tshogde Tshogpa in Melong Gang – Thuloong Gang Chiwog under Dophuchen Gewog on 9 September after the serving Tshogpa passed away in bike accident in August this year.

The poll day is scheduled on 29 September and the results will be declared the next day.