New brand Bhutan for transformative tourism

Bhutan welcomes a total of 120 foreigners at Paro International Airport, while there were 92 tourists among them with the other 10 coming via Phuentsholing on 23 September

92 tourists were graciously welcomed under the new brand Bhutan with the opening of borders on 23 September



Under the banner brand Bhutan, the tourism strategy will be focusing on enhancement to Bhutan’s sustainable development policies, infrastructure and services upgradation and elevation of guest experiences.

During the unveiling, Lyonchhen Dr. Lotay Tshering said, “It is one of the significant days that will set the tone for the new normal path for us, the path that Bhutan will walk hereafter.”

He said, “The brand that we are creating today is not solely for tourism industry and the visitors alone, the brand that we are launching today is all of us, Bhutan as a whole. Entire nation is the tourism industry and every Bhutanese are host.”

Bhutan is opening its border gates at a time when the whole world is looking for something to believe in.

“This brand will be a shared asset for generation and the theme that we have determined is to take care of the valuable assets that we will be able to protect and nurture forever,” said Lyonchhen.

Even while each citizen comes from a different sector and has a distinct job to play, he said, they are all in some way ambassadors for these principles. Believing that the country has a goal and an ambition.

Director general of TCB, Dorji Dhradhul said, “It is us we the Bhutanese people with the support from visitors and guests to drive the transformation trend to the destination of prosperous Bhutan, a nation that stands up as a dependable and trustworthy.”

He also said transformation in tourism has come at the right time as tourism was becoming façade with the declining service standards leading to poor guest experience and Bhutan even being labelled as cheap destination.

He continued by saying that the new plan aims to give visitors high-value experiences while also giving Bhutanese well-paying jobs.

Dorji Dhradhul emphasized the creation of a new brand for Bhutan, which was expertly supported by a multidisciplinary team from across the globe and complemented by a variety of local experts and stakeholders from all spheres of society.

“A thorough process and a scientific approach was followed which included research on the brand and a month-long immersion of professional in Bhutan by meeting people and visiting places. Interview with conscious travellers defining major challenges and opportunities through workshops, discovery session and network intelligence.”

He said, “The new brand is not just about nation branding, it is about nation building.”

The new brand will have seven guiding principles which includes everyone has a role, the Bhutan experience, cultural and natural assets, invest in our people, intrusive investment, tourist to guest and luxury to intrinsic values.

Despite the numerous obstacles and hardships that the tourism industry in the nation faces, the sector is motivated and inspired by the transformative reforms in overcoming such obstacles.

An online visa application system was also launched during the event.

Meanwhile on 23 September, Bhutan opened its border after two and half years in which the country welcomed 92 tourists.