11th Construction and Wood Expo: bamboo products steal the show

The project is funded by the SAARC Development Fund through the project “Promoting Integrated Bamboo-based Enterprise Development Amongst the SAARC Countries.” Tshar offers products such as bamboo handicrafts, lifestyle products, furniture and construction materials.



The 11th Bhutan Construction and Wood Expo (BCWE) has commenced in Thimphu starting this week.

The thematic expo focuses on promoting construction materials, both local and imported, green construction technology and other general construction materials, which will benefit the private sector.

Among the products displayed at the Expo, Tshar (Bamboo) products from the communities of Mongar and Zhemgang Dzongkhags were on display at the expo.

The expo envisions creating a platform to explore the latest and most efficient construction industry products and technologies exhibited by the participating companies from Bhutan and India.

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), in collaboration with the Association of Wood-Based Industries (AWBI), are organizing the “11th BCWE, 2022″ from 14 – 17 October 2022 in the capital.

A press release from the BCCI states that the expo displays products such as bamboo handicrafts, lifestyle products, furniture, construction materials, and bamboo charcoal, among others.

The initiative is funded by SAARC Development Fund through the project “Promoting Integrated Bamboo Based Enterprise Development among SAARC Countries” and is implemented by Tarayana Foundation.

Tarayana Foundation’s Mongar Field Officer, Sonam Gyeltshen said the project brought a new lease of life for them as they have been able to build their capacity in various areas ranging from bamboo propagation to raising nurseries, and bamboo treatment and marketing.

“We gained exposure on the potential of bamboo and how it can be leveraged for environmental conservation and livelihood opportunities,” he said, adding that it is intended to continue with the culture of bamboo crafts to honour our culture and traditions as well as to ensure that these practices are not lost and can be passed onto our younger generation.

The minister for Economic Affairs Loknath Sharma who inaugurated the expo emphasized the importance of wood-based industries, modern technology, construction tool and equipment, 3D printing, prefab technology and fast-moving technology evolution that construction, manufacturing and other businesses be aware and adopt to be competitive.

According to the press release, the expo is an endeavor to pay homage to the significance of cane and bamboo in our culture, tradition, and daily lives.

“It strives to improve and continue the heritage of cane and bamboo to adapt to the evolving needs of the market and generate income and livelihood opportunities for artisans and farmers while contributing to the national goal of enhancing Non-Wood Forest Products,” organizers said.

Promoted through the TSHAR brand, products promoted and marketed through the initiative will benefit the rural communities of Goshing, Nangla and Bjoka under Zhemgang Dzongkhag and Gongdue, Silambi, and Saling under Mongar Dzongkhag.

Sonam Gyeltshen stated that understanding the harvesting season is crucial for the durability of bamboo items. According to him, the best time to harvest bamboo is from September to December because that is when the water level is lowest.

Meanwhile, since the inception of Bhutan Construction Expo in 2010, it has been incorporated in BCCI’s event calendar as an annual mega event.

The press release further adds that the Bhutan Construction Expo has created a meaningful impact for display and exhibition of the construction equipment and machineries which has boosted the construction industry of Bhutan for more than a decade.

Lyonpo also mentioned the possibility of high-end bamboo furniture and increased value addition to wood furniture to meet the demands of high-end hotels and homes, and support the enhancement of domestic capabilities.

The series of construction expos has created wider platform for construction industries to focus on promotion of local construction materials, green construction technology and other general construction materials.

“It has benefited the private sector in creating business linkages with wider platform to explore the latest and most efficient products and technologies of construction industries between local and participating companies,” the press release stated.

There are about 75 companies from Bhutan and India participating in this event.