Bhutan should become a high-income country, PM

PM during the virtual meet the press on 14 October


In order to put a check on the growing number of people opting to go abroad, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said that Bhutan should become a high-income country and the economy should increase at a much higher pace.

As the increasing number of Bhutanese leaving abroad has become a concern, the PM during the virtual meet the press on 14 October said that there should be plans to make Bhutanese comfortable and decide not to go outside the country willingly.

However, Lyonchhen added that such plans and reforms cannot happen overnight.

According to the Labour Force Survey of 2021, around 300,000 active labour workforces are there in the country and by the looks of the situation, such numbers might have declined due to the large influx of working-age population leaving the country in search for greener pastures.

“The current reformations and transformation that are happening in the country is to make Bhutan a high-income country as soon as possible and to create better opportunities,” Lyonchhen Dr Lotay said.

Lyonchhen added that people leaving the country for better opportunities to other country is good for them, and that it should be encouraged. However, he said that necessary measures should be placed in the country to provide employment, better payment so that they are encouraged to stay in the country.

“Relevant institutions should be clubbed and consolidated into one person and agency for the smooth transition of public service delivery. We should appreciate the reforms and changes that are coming into the country,” Lyonchhen said.

However, the PM said that for the transformation and reform to take its shape and reap its expected outcome and understood by the people, it will take some time.

Revamping the TVET institution in the country is another thing the PM stressed. He said the government has brought expertise from other countries to provide relevant and necessary skills that are required for the current generation.

According to the State of the Nation report 2021, there were more than 15,904 Bhutanese living abroad in 88 countries as of December 2021.