Slide mitigation along the Damchu – Chukha road

The MoU being signed between the GBCL and Project DANTAK  


A M e m o r a n d u m o f Understanding (MoU) was signed between Green Bhutan Corporation Limited (GBCL) and BRO Project DANTAK on 21 October in Thimphu to employ environmentally acceptable green approaches for slide mitigation at the request of the Department of Roads (DoR) under Ministry of Works and Human Settlement.

According to a press release from Project DANTAK, the Damchu-Chukha road has five critical landslide points and during monsoons, due to rock fall, the road users face difficulty in commuting through the road. To overcome this, after joint inspections, GBCL has proposed the remedy measure by carrying out slide protection by deep rooted plants and plantation confined with drainage of water, which will provide safety of slope as well as strengthening it.

In collaboration with DoR, BRO Project Dantak has become the torchbearers in employing green initiatives for slope stabilization.

“This will not only provide safety to travelers but will aid in afforestation and reforestation plantations in Bhutan contributing to the national climate change mitigation efforts.” states the press release.

The Chairman of GBCL Dorji Dradhul and Chief Engineer with Project DANTAK Brigadier Jaswinder Singh signed the MoU in presence of officials from DoR, Dantak and GBCL.

GBCL was incorporated as 100% state owned enterprises under the Company Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2016 with the government’s equity of Nu.33.33 million with a core mandate of execute afforestation and reforestation plantations in the country, including areas such as degraded watersheds, dried and degraded drinking water sources and degraded wildlife habitats contributing to the national climate change mitigation efforts.

The mitigation project will cost about Nu 10 million, and it is expected to be completed by July next year.