Nation overwhelmed by Gyalsung program

Dasho (PhD) Sonam Kinga a member of the National Service Core Working Group introduced the Gyalsung bill in the National Assembly on 7 November


Parents whose children would be joining the Gyalsung program from 2024 are overwhelmed. They are optimistic and support their children to send to Gyalsung Academy with the hope of making them better skilled human. 

The National Assembly and National Council adopted the Gyalsung Bill 2022, and youth are excited to join the program. The first batch of Gyalsung is expected to commence in 2024. The National Assembly adopted the Bill on 7 November while the National Council adopted it on 8 November. 

One of the parents from Sarpang dzongkhag shared her excitement on the Gyalsung project. Lhamo, guardian of a grade 10 student believes that Gyalsung is similar to Desuung (guardian of peace) who will be trained to help the country when in need.

In addition, she says that Gyalsung will provide necessary skills that will benefit youths in their life. She supports and encourages her child to join the Gyalsung training even though it will be worrisome to keep her child away from home. Nevertheless, she agrees that it will be a proud moment for her when her child completes the training. 

Tshering Lhaden from Paro believes that Gyalsung is a project solely for youths where they will have to undergo military training for 3 months and skills development training for 9 months.

“This project will be beneficial for both the country and an individual. It will also make youths independent,” she said. 

Karma from Thimphu said that Gyalsung training is a skilling program as she came to know about it a year ago.  She is optimistic about the Gyalsung programme as most of the children are left idle at home. She also says that the program will bring positive change.

“It might teach youths about time management which is one of the core principles of a good life. Not only that, it will also expand the social skills and social networks of youths,” Karma added. 

Similarly, Leki Dorji said that Gyalsung graduates would be the ones to serve for the country’s sovereignty. He relates Gyalsung with Desuung. “The program will build talent, skills of the youths and instil a sense of patriotism.

He further said that the youths these days are not nationalistic and they do not work with Tha-Dam-Tsi. Therefore, “Gyalsung program might help youths to become patriotic and teach youths to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum,” he said.    

The Gyalsung training program which was supposed to have started by the beginning of 2022 was delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. 

As per the command of His Majesty the King, Dasho (PhD) Sonam Kinga, a member of the National Service Core Working Group introduced the Gyalsung bill in the National Assembly on 7 November, 2022. 

The launch of Gyalsung – National Service was announced by His Majesty the King during the 112th National Day of Bhutan on 17th December, 2019.

The enactment of the Gyalsung Act will be followed by the establishment of the institutions, systems, rules, and regulations and the activation of processes which will be necessary to precede the launch of Gyalsung training. 

After a conscious debate on the Gyalsung bill, both the houses unanimously approved the bill.

The bill will be forwarded to His Majesty the King for the Royal assent.