The man who chased stars

Tashi Tshewang with his wife

The debut director recently won best director for series in Samuh OTT Awards 2022


A 29- year-old debut director, Tashi Tshewang, hailing from Dawakha, Paro has become the talk of town with his directing skills for Chasing Stars

Motivated by his sheer direction, Chasing Stars is Bhutan’s first romance series. It was his first feature-series directorial debut. He completed his schooling from the Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Semtokha in 2012.

Now a famous director, he never thought of becoming one. During his younger days, he developed his interest in dancing and singing which paved his path towards the film industry as a background dancer. 

Additionally, he formed a dancing crew known as Druk Dragon Boys under the guidance of Director Karma Jerry, who also inspired him to continue working in the film industry.

Later, he worked as an assistant Director with several Directors and production houses, where he encountered Director Kinley Tshering. Director Tashi Tshewang claims that he considers Director Kinley Tshering as his inspiration and mentor today. 

“I started my career from being a background dancer and at some point of our life we have to struggle and face challenges to achieve what we aspire. I worked with passion and dedication, making me who I am today and I also enjoyed every moment in my life,” Tashi said.

Similarly, his dream and passion came to be true due to the support and love he received from his family and friends. 

Tashi shared that since series are longer than movies, it took more than four months to complete one whole series and had to compromise a lot. “Yet it was a wonderful experience,” he expressed as he got a chance to learn more.

On November 1, Chasing Stars won 12 awards during Samuh OTT awards to which Tashi Tshewang expressed that it was unexpected as there were top competitors who were senior film makers. Neither he knew there would be an award. “Our team totally worked out of passion to entertain people with no business motive,” he said. 

The crew also had no advanced cameras nor other equipment. 

However, he said that they did their best while also focusing on every shot, scene, and episodes which gave them good reviews from the audience. He said that he will never forget that moment where he received the award as his hard work paid off. 

Tashi Tshewang did two series till date which are Chasing Stars and Orchid Bar and currently he is working on Chasing Stars Season two and two feature films. He said that he doesn’t have a selective movie genre as he would want to try every different genre. 

As a series director, Tashi wants to bring clear vision, originality, trust and faith in his crew’s abilities and talents.  Furthermore, he affirmed that he doesn’t have any preferences regarding actors and cast as he would love to work with every talented person. He also claimed that he would work according to the demand and requirement of his story.

As a future endeavour, the young director is working on another untitled script and will be released soon.  

Most of the digital youth movie viewers are inspired by Tashi Tshewang’s debut. He has a message for youths saying “Be passionate about what you want to do with full determination. Don’t let others’ opinions dim your light and most importantly never give up and be patient.”

Initially worked as the assistant director since 2013, now he is confident enough to work on feature series encouraged by director Kinley.