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The novel “Sangri-Lat Progyan Bisari”

During the medieval period, the war which took place between five great lamas from Tibet (Lam Kha Nga), a Kingdom named ‘Drukyul’ (Which people believe in Vajrayana Buddhism) emerged in the lap of Himalayas between Tibet and India. Since then, the Kingdom was explored by outside world as Bhutan and later as “Last Shangri-la” by the Western world. 

After many centuries, one person named, Abhinandan Chowdhury, a mechanical engineering graduate from Guwahati, Assam who was working in an established Multinational Corporation (MNC) visited the Kingdom of Bhutan and found his love for a girl (beu). But unfortunately, Achara Wangmo, a bum jarim from Punakha and beu of Abhinandan become victim of bomena, the night hunting practise or going towards a girl.

That horrific incident traumatized and saddened Achara very much where she decided to become anim (nun) with the strong resolution to uproot all types of evil practises and left for Tibet secretly.

After sudden disappearance of Achara, Abhinandan felt abandoned and broke down. He searched Achara in nyes (holy places), lhakhangs (temple), monasteries from Punakha to Lasa, Tibet but failed to get her whereabouts. So finally, he also decided to become a monk in search of ‘Stithya Projnya’ (stabled wisdom) and left for Taktsang monastery.   

The above incident is neither in reel nor in real. This is an insight story of a novel “Sangri-Lat Progyan Bisari” composed by Sumindra Chowdhury from Guwahati, Assam (India).  In recent years, Sumindra is gaining popularity as “literature engineer” among the readers. Sumindra Chowdhury, is a mechanical engineering graduate and presently working in Kobelco Construction Equipment, a Japanese MNC at New Delhi in India.

Author Chowdhury was left mesmerised by visiting Bhutan in 2012 for the first time during his many business trips when he was working for JCB India Limited.

He was fascinated by knowing about the rich history, tradition, culture, practises of Vajrayana Buddhism, beautiful natural landscape, humbleness of the citizen of Shangri-La.

Based on the socio-culture of Bhutan, history of Guru Padmasambhava, great war of Lam Kha Ngas, philosophy of Lam Drukpa Kuenley, the Divine Mad Man, Tiger nest monastery, Chimi lhakhang, Nabji lhakhang, mystical khandrom, Yab-Yume, Migoi and Mishum and night hunting practise. He has composed the novel Shangri-Lat Progyan Bisari and dedicated the book to His majesty The King and Queen of Bhutan. 

The author of the book mentioned that the two main sources of inspiration behind the composition of his novel were his daughter Shreyankhi and his wife Surujmita.

The 45-year-old author from Uttar Pradesh, India is appreciated for writing three novels wherein two novels Ejon Sahitya Avijantar Atmokotha and Bihangam Dristit Mizoram are written in Assamese language and his other novel Nghah-Loh-Dawr is an English translation of Bihangam Dristit Mizoram. The novel Brihangam Dristit Mizoram was recognized by the Guwahati University as one of the study materials for their PHD research scholar.

This Novel has already been updated and published in social media like Facebook and WhatsApp in the form of a series during the pandemic and received good response and attention from readers. The author of the book was also in news in social media forum due to his first novel written based on the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Monikut Publication a renowned publication house from Guwahati is publishing this novel in Assamese and English. 

It is my earnest belief that this novel will act as the mouthpiece of Druk Yul for tourism in your country and specially for the people of India.

Assamese version of this book is likely to be released in December 2022, just before the Guwahati book fare between 15 to 25 December at Guwahati and the English version at Thimphu in Feb, 2023 on the auspicious birth anniversary of His Majestic King of Bhutan. 

The Assamese version of this book is likely to be unveiled by the Consulate General of Royal Bhutan and the Honourable Union Minister of Law and Justice Kiran Rijiju at Guwahati in December 2022. The confirmation is yet to be received. 

Hope this book will be a testimonial between two neighboring countries with rich cultural heritage living in peace and harmony. We wish success of the author and his novel Sangri-Lat Progyan Bisari.

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