Sombaykha in dire need of dairy processing unit

Member of Parliament from Sombaykha constituency Dorjee Wangmo


The representative of Sombaykha, Haa Dorjee Wangmo brought up the potential of developing a dairy processing and packaging facility in Haa, Sombaykha during the ongoing session of the parliament.

The member of parliament (MP) also quizzed the minister of agriculture and forests about the state and future plans for the nation’s milk processing facility.

MP Dorjee Wangmo noted that there is plenty livestock product available in Haa in the summer, but it is difficult to sell the product in short duration as it is a highly perishable item.

In order to maintain the durability of the product, as that of packaged cheese and milk that are imported in the country, she proposed for a dairy processing and packing facility in Sombaykha.

She said the enterprise will help the local farmers generate revenue, use their surplus produce, while it will curb the imports of dairy goods into the country.

The minister of agriculture and forests said the government would look into setting up milk packaging units if the proposal came from the local government and that the government carries out works based on the activities prioritized by the local government.

He said the proposal will be rooted through the local government if the need for dairy processing and packaging unit is deemed important in Haa. Lyonpo added the ministry would be able to help in such important matters.

Regarding the plans to set up a milk packing plant for the benefit of the general public and to improve the economy of the nation and promote agricultural and livestock products, the minister stated that as of now, nearly 191 farmer groups, a number of highlander farms shops, and a yogurt processing plants have been established.

He also submitted that aside from Koufuku International Limited, a dairy processing company in Chenery, Trashigang, the ministry is planning to establish similar ventures in Samdrup Jongkhar by March, 2023.