PDP adds 18 new candidates

People’s Democratic Party

However, two former ministers will disqualify due to age limit


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has strengthened the party with 18 new candidates.

While the party still has retained most of the candidates from the 2018 elections, it is further strengthened by new candidates as it gears up for the 2023 elections.  

Party insiders said they have accorded special attention in selecting each of the 47 candidates for next year’s election.

“This is in view of the national transformation initiatives underway. The party strongly believes all of its 47 candidates must be up to the mark in terms of knowledge and expertise required to sync in well and provide leadership for all the reforms taking place,” PDP sources said.

According to the party office two more new women candidates have also joined the party.

The new candidates have a good mix of qualifications, experiences and expertise in formulating policy, designing and implementation of development programs, and international representation among others.

PDP said the new candidates come from field of education, health, communication, policy and development studies, foreign relations, trade and economy, business entrepreneurship, natural resource and environmental management, forestry, and climate studies.

The PDP’s general secretary Kuenga Tashi said the party has an excellent mixture of experience and expertise that further enriches the already existing pool of talents.

While some of the new candidates have been encouraged to join the party given the party’s strong support base, most of the candidates have joined motivated by its strong dynamic leadership, past performance, and the experience and expertise of the party’s existing candidates according to the general secretary.

Meanwhile, some of the former candidates resigned from the party on personal grounds and quit politics while some weren’t eligible because of their age.

As per the election rule, a candidate shall not be more than 65 years old at the time of filing the nomination. For having crossed the age limit, former minister Dawa Gyeltshen and Nandalal Rai and the former deputy speaker, Chimi Dorji cannot contest the election as per the information from the party office.

The candidates from Ugyentse-Yoeseltse constituency, Samtse, Mani Kumar, Karma Drukpa from Nanong-Shumar constituency and Sonam Tshering from Khar-Yurung constituency in Pema Gatshel are quitting politics.

Stating the reason of having recruited new candidates, the general secretary said the party needs to bring in new faces and talent pool to adequately address new challenges and effectively tap on opportunities in keeping with the overarching vision of His Majesty The King and aspirations of the people.

The general secretary also said that the party’s rigorous and stringent candidate selection process is not top-down and inculcates grass root participation.

He added that the process mandates that nomination of any new candidates are to be first endorsed by grass root party workers which is then followed by a rigorous background check by the steering committee.

“Thus, all new candidates have stood the test of one of the most rigorous selection tests of the party. Therefore, the party has confidence of the highest consideration that we have the best candidates,” the general secretary added.

The party will soon launch the new candidates officially upon completion of the required formalities as per election rules and regulation.