Unity through music, culture and arts

Jigme Drukpa performing during HKWMF. pic: HKWMF


The three-day 2nd edition of Hidden Kingdom World Music Festival was organized in the Centenary Park, Thimphu, from December 16 to 18 to promote the rich culture of traditional arts and talents from across the world.

A venue for showcasing the rich history of folk music, dance and art, the national festival serves as a platform for showcasing diverse cultures and songs in the international arena as well as to the general public.

Acclaimed singers Sonam Dorji and Ugyen Pandey who visited numerous festivals around the world said it was very fascinating to visit and perform in different countries. On that context, they wanted to introduce a festival in Bhutan to celebrate take the Bhutanese stage to the global platform.

Hence, in 2020, the two veteran musician and singers introduced the festival following which the festival’s first edition took place virtually in 2021.

The festival, according to the organizers, is a significant avenue for arts and cultural tourism, a platform for international art exchange, and a thriving market for folk, world, and traditional music, dance, and visual arts.

The artists for the festivals are selected based on the criteria set by the festival organizers and a board of directors.

Through the festival, Bhutanese artists are also given workshops on different fields including music, music industries, copyrights, marketing and many more. It also gives platform for them to perform at stage which is at par with international avenues.

Organizers of the event said that for Bhutan it can be an opportunity to gain international attention and also improve its standing and reputation in the sphere of traditional art and culture.

This unique event also acts as a platform to create and extend professional opportunities for Bhutanese folk, traditional and world music and an effective venue for emerging Bhutanese companies and artists to reach out to the global industry.

The organizers of the festivals said the event will help develop a vibrant marketplace and business hub for the arts, and offer a platform for major regional and international players to congregate and interact.

The festival for this year witnessed popular national bands and some other prominent international performer from India, South Korea, Reunion Island and the Netherlands.

The aims and objectives of the event was to enable Bhutan as an important destination for arts and cultural tourism, international art exchange and a vibrant market for folk, roots and world music, and dance.