Setting new standards and milestones

The recently completed Kurizam-Gyalpoizhing highway, built under the Desuung National Service Road Project, is a milestone that sets the standard for similar road-building initiatives in the country.

While our road projects executed throughout the country, till date, reek of potholes and inefficiency, His Majesty the King and His Holiness the Je Khenpo put special emphasis on the road inauguration and to show that we are indeed capable of executing such works if we really intend to put our best efforts in our nation-building initiatives. And, roads being the critical lifeline of any place and economy deserve special mention.

It is said the road was widened and improved to a higher standard with the aim to pilot quality road construction, develop best practices that can be disseminated in the industry and to develop a critical mass of the necessary skills, processes and practices in this critical area of nation building. 

This pioneering road project was undertaken by De-Suung in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Human Settlements following the highly successful water projects implemented by DeSuups across 20 Dzongkhags over the past years.   The project was designed to build capabilities of the De-Suups in all aspects of road construction so that they can become skilled workers, competent supervisors, effective managers and capable contractors in the future. 

The objective of the project was to set a benchmark on the quality of Bhutanese road construction at par with international standards and complete with adequately designed road geometry, slope protection works, drainages, cross drainages, and proper road signs among other specifics.

The project was also executed to sensitize and impart the best work culture, ethics and professionalism among our youths so that similar infrastructure and construction norms become a part of our ethics and not just remain in papers and plans.

A total of 167 De-Suups were engaged in the project for exactly about a year and were aided by MoWHS engineers and a few Japanese road experts. The result is a miracle that is worthy of being emulated across the country, because roads are the critical artery that runs a villages, towns and economies.

Our contractors should emulate such construction norms in the country and, try to build similar if not better roads in the country. The new road at Gyalpoizhing proves that if we have the will there surely is a way. It is just that we need the intent and the will to execute it.