NC aspirants declares their priorities and interests

Kuenley Tshering
Shering Dentshog


As the nation gears up for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections, the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) in obedience to the Royal Decree of His Majesty The King issued notification on 16 February calling for election to the NC of the fourth Parliament of Bhutan.

The NC elections Poll Day is slated for 20 April this year.

After the call by ECB, candidates started declaring their interest to contest for the NC elections on 20 April. Amongst them, 40-year-old, Kuenley Tshering from Jala Rubesa in Wangduephodrang, declared his interest to contest for the upcoming NC elections.

He has a Master of Business Administration from the Asia e University (AEU), an ACD Scholarship from Malaysia and Bachelor of Computer Application from the Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, Tamil Nadu in India.

Kuenley Tshering is keen in joining the prestigious organization that oversees protecting our country and performing crucial legislative and review duties.

He said, “I have steadily learnt more about the duties and responsibilities of the NC, which are important and crucial over the period of ten years. Now, with my knowledge, experience, and maturity, I am prepared to take on challenging responsibilities and to serve TSA- WA-SUM with dedication and integrity.”

He added that the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan grants citizens the fundamental right to vote, together with the fundamental responsibility to choose the proper candidate and administration.

“I have exercised my rights in the previous elections with diligence and conscience. Now that I am a candidate for the people of Shar Dha Gye, I think I must give them a choice.”

Kinley added that we live in a period of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in a world that is fast evolving. “The ability to think critically, communicate, collaborate, use technology and digital literacy are all necessary for policymakers to combat change.”

He said his more than 12 years of working experience in the field of technology, management, and administration in State Mining Corporation Limited, Chiphen Rigpel Project, Project-NIIT LTD & MoE and Coordinator / Executive—IT Learning Delivery Management would be relevant, aligned, and could contribute to exercising of legislative and review functions.

“I feel that I now have a responsibility to support the services and community improvement initiatives for the residents of SHA DHAR GYA. I am qualified to contribute significantly to the NC’s legislative responsibilities and developmental programs,” Kinley said, adding he was unable to take part in the services or development initiatives of his Dzongkhag.

Meanwhile, Kuenley Tshering said he came from a family of extreme poverty and was born in a remote village of Jarogang. When he was only five years old, his mother died, leaving behind four children, including him and his uneducated father.

He claimed that he was persuaded to join the monastic body in the early years when monastic education was available and free because his father had difficulty providing modern education for the family.

“Although I declined to become a monk, a community school was constructed in my hamlet in 1992, and I began my study at the age of nine. I am the first student to graduate from school in the Jala Community,” he continued.

He completed Young Professionals Leadership Program (YPLP-8) from Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic Studies, Phuentsholing in 2019 among others.

He is a recipient of Civil Service Dedicated Service Award of 10 years for his outstanding contribution to the Chiphen Rigpel Project 2014. He is also a founder and president of Bhutanese Student Association (Muthayammal).

Similarly, 40-year-old Sherig Dentshog from Shumar gewog in Pemagatshel declared his interest to contest for the same.

He has a BA Political Science and Sociology and completed his studies in 2012 from Royal Thimphu College.

After completing his studies, he spent a total of six months working as the interim program manager of the Bhutan Youth Development Fund (YDF) branch Nazhoen Pelri-Treatment and Rehabilitation Clinic for Drug and Alcohol Dependence at Serbithang, Thimphu.

Then, between August 2013 and February 2018, he worked as a researcher for the Loden Foundation’s Loden-Shejun program for the documentation and study of Bhutan’s cultural heritage.

He worked for almost five years in a private construction company based in Phuentsholing acquiring more than 10 years of working experience in different agencies.

He also contested for the NC elections in 2018.