Brotherhood beyond boundaries

The ever-growing lure to migrate to distant foreign lands like Australia, Canada and the US among our youths and economically active workforce is simply palpable as economic opportunities back home are limited while the problem widening income gap, rising inflation, living costs, and poor wages rubs salt to the gaping wound.

However, of recent, the situation is continually beginning to become more challenging for those who migrate to these foreign countries in the hope of a better future. Apart from having to cope up with the cultural differences, the task of having to grind out a decent livelihood can sometimes be a daunting task especially when one is far from home and your loved ones while being a stranger and getting drowned in a sea of faces.

In Australia, for instance, the western Australian capital city of Perth where a vast majority of Bhutanese students and migrants are bound is faced with an intensifying housing crunch that most first time migrants and international students are today finding it difficult to find a decent roof over their heads.

The Bhutanese government, with their counterparts at the Embassy in Canberra, is leaving no stones unturned to come to the rescue of our Bhutanese students and migrants. They have even alerted universities across Perth of the prospective to find accommodation for Bhutanese students if need be which is a great gesture given that most of our students opt to study in the city.  

However, a part of the onus to help our Bhutanese migrants a majority of who are stepping for the first time in a foreign soil and far away from the love and comforts of their homes, fall on our Bhutanese fraternity living in Australia, especially in the western capital city of Perth.

Apart from the government’s role, communities like the Association of Bhutanese in Perth (ABPI) and the Bhutanese Community in WA-Perth can play a vital role in helping our brothers and sisters who have also migrated to the country. We have to remember that the new entrants also ferry similar dreams as the members of the numerous associations who are now mostly comfortable with the nuances of the metropolis and are well settled.

Like we Bhutanese are known for our kindness and generosity, lending a helping hand to our fellow citizens even if he/she were a stranger by accommodating them for a few months before they can find a place of their own could go a long way in playing our roles as a fellow Bhutanese friend.

The news of our Bhutanese fraternity in Perth helping new Bhutanese entrants to the city is already heart warming. And the spirit must continue because back home their parents and loved ones’ hearts are filled with pride and respect for our Bhutanese fraternity in Australia, for they know that their daughters and sons are in safe hands.

The spirit of oneness and love for the nation and our fellow citizens must transcend all boundaries. And that is where, we as Bhutanese, shine the brightest.