Party candidate pledges for better infrastructure for Mongar



Both the political candidates contesting for the Kengkhar-Weringla and Drametse-Ngatshang constituencies pledged to advance rural development by enhancing agricultural practices and connecting new farm roads and bridges. These are seen as basic needs for rural development. 

Candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhutan Tandrel Party (BTP) in the common forum shared promises on pledges focusing on specific manifestos improvement, with a focus on the three pledges in the field of agriculture, roads, and bridges.

PDP’s candidate, Kengkhar-Weringla constituency, Sonam Penjor, pledged to construct a one-kilometer farm road to Warongla mountain base and Resa Washongpa, two kilometers of Nanari to Chincahari Gewog Road connectivity of Jurmey and Kengkhar Gewog. Another in Yangbari to Bjoka, Edi to Dengkhaling, Maling Droksar, Dagsa to Yangbari, Sahjula to Ngamphu, and Midan to Banabangla villages.

The candidate pledged to build a farm road realignment to Gelgong Chiwog from Weringla highway. He promised to improve roads by blacktopping in Weringla-Dagsa and Jurmey-Gewog roads to Kuri-Gongri highway. 

Additionally, he promised to complete the ongoing road construction of Jurmey and Kurigongri.

He also pledges to entrust and hand over the responsibility of road maintenance at the Gewog levels to the Department of Surface Transport (DoST).

Sonam Penjor promises bridge connections to create improvements to the summertime issues and quality of life for the residents of Yangbari, Thangbrang, and Wama. 

The commitment includes the construction of Manas bridges to improve connectivity among Yangbari in Mongar, Telung hamlet in Pemagatshel, and Bjoka in Zhemgang dzongkhag. He is therefore always available to connect the other roads and bridges when the locals require them.

BTP’s candidate, Dorji Wangmo pledged to ensure the construction of Sherichu-Gongrizoms, and Wama-Khomsar and also pledged to upgrade the highway in those areas.

For the swift improvement of connectivity of roads with enabling of black-topping of all Gewogs and Chewog roads including farm roads.

Moreover, to shorten the travel distance for the nearby residents by building the Kuri-Gongri bridges on a priority basis.

PDP’s Tobgay Tobgay pledged to resurface and maintain all Gewog Center Roads with the proper drainage facilities. Ensuring base-course and blacktop to all the large Chewog’s road. Including blacktops in connectivity road areas like Chagsakhar Gewog Center to Pahadrang, Drametse to Balam, Sherichhu Goenpa, and Ngatsang Gewog.

In addition, he increased his vow to build the Sherichhu to Kuri-Gongri Zomsa bypass route. Thus, he entrusts and transfers the road maintenance to the DoST.

For Drametse-Ngatsang constituency candidate, Kinzang Wangchuk, if elected, pledges to provide roads and bridges, upgrade Gewog roads along with bridges and culverts to rural highway standards, and blacktopping all Chewog’s roads.

For the contribution to rural development through agriculture, Sonam Penjor and Tobgay Tobgay include providing rationalized fencing supports for the farmlands and also with market for the farmers to improve production.

And, Sonam Penjor also promised to provide interest-free loans for Jersey cows, other farm equipment, and the power tiller. In addition, help is provided for housing loans with a mortgage ratio ranging from 70 percent to 95 percent for newly constructed homes, with a 30-year payback duration. Another offering is an 80 percent loan equity for the acquisition of a single utility and a rise of Nu 150, 000 in rural life insurance.

For Dorji Wangmo and Kinzang Wangchuk, they promised to maintain the current water supply and to supply people in need of safe drinking water. Furthermore, they committed to importing seasonal labor for the agricultural sector.  

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