Para sports camp ignites hope for exciting athletes


From January 15th to the 26th, the Bhutan Paralympic Committee (BPC) will introduce five thrilling sports. It becomes more than just sports.

Para Sports Camp will be a crucible of inspiration for self-awareness, a transformative initiative for personal growth that is poised to propel those talented individuals with disabilities toward international glory.

The camp is to be held in the vibrant city of Thimphu. It will serve as a vibrant platform to introduce and nurture five exciting para-sport disciplines, including Para Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Shooting, and Table Tennis. This particular camp will transform into paths of empowerment, and self-discovery, and a potential launchpad for an internationally engaging environment for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

The Para Sports Camp is a significant step forward in commitment to fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities for people with disabilities in the field of sports, said Sonam Karma Tshering, Secretary General at the BPC. “We believe that everyone, regardless of ability, should have the chance to experience the joy of sports, and this camp is a testament to that belief,” he added.

So, a carefully curated selection caters to a diverse range of abilities and interests, ensuring that every participant finds their perfect sporting fit.

“There are respective coaches in each sport who will be interacting with the participants and guarding their potential and passion. If selected, we hope to provide advanced training for the participants in preparation for the next games,” said an official of BPC.

It conveys that the camp’s significance lies not just in its experiential offerings but also in its ambitious vision. Meticulously designed to identify and nurture raw talent, the camp promises specialized training under the guidance of experienced coaches. They have the ultimate goal of being a part of the national para-sports team and individuals who will proudly represent the nation on the global stage.

For the day, currently, the committee is very much confronted with the maximum number of PWD participants in the Paralympics. Especially those who are literally under the treatment of physically disabled people. The official said, “There is no age requirement for the camp, but the people who are suffering from deafness, muteness, and intellectual disability are being excluded. Apart from that, interested individuals can reach out to the BPC official.”

The official emphasized, “Its goal is to introduce para-sports, let us identify potential athletes, and have fun with sports.”

The BPC has been categorized into five sports camps, and each has its training grounds for the PWDs. So, the issues regarding accessibility are being relatively minimized. However, the committee is planning to respond to any other upcoming issues according to the situation.

The official said that the people traveled towards the center from faraway residential homes. So, even transportation is possibly discussed during the conference for those travelers.

According to the official, the eleven-day program is being fully funded through Paralympic, and they even have further funding plans for those individuals who got selected from the camp. The official responded, “We will continue the advanced training and prepare them for upcoming events, like the Asian Para Games in Aichi-Nagoya.” The program thrives for PWDs.

The official assumed, “Imagine the thrill of a young archer, their arrow piercing the crisp mountain air, fueled by the dream of a Paralympic gold medal. Or picture the unwavering focus of a badminton player; their every stroke is a testament to their unwavering spirit.” Literally, emphasizing the camp promises to be a crucible where such dreams are ignited and honed, where limitations melt away in the face of sheer determination.

But the camp’s impact transcends the pursuit of athletic excellence. It fosters a sense of belonging and community, a space where individuals with disabilities can connect, share their experiences, and celebrate each other’s triumphs. The camaraderie forged within the camp walls will undoubtedly ripple outward, creating a wave of inclusivity and acceptance throughout Bhutanese society.

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