PDP wins the 2024 elections while BTP licks their wounds


The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) faced a setback in the recent 4th National Assembly (NA) Election, as they were unable to secure victory in the general round. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) emerged as the victors, gaining the majority of votes and securing their position as the ruling party.

The election results reflect the will of the people, with the PDP garnering support from various regions across the country. While the BTP may have faced defeat in this election.

A 19-year-old voter has offered his insights on why the BTP experienced defeat in the recent election. According to him, the BTP’s loss could be attributed to the party’s newness, which may have instilled fear in the public. He believes that since the party is relatively new, people might have doubted its ability to fulfil its manifesto promises.

Additionally, he points out that the lack of prior results or a significant track record may have further contributed to the public’s scepticism of political promises made by the new party.

Furthermore, he emphasizes the strength of the BTP’s opponents, PDP which he believes played a significant role in the PDP gaining more supporters from all over the country. The established reputation and experience of the PDP may have resonated with the electorate, leading them to place their trust in the party.

A man in his mid-20s has offered his perspective on the defeat of the BTP in favor of the PDP. According to him, the head of the PDP has gained a strong reputation both within and outside the country, which instilled trust in the people and influenced their voting decisions.

He highlights that the PDP’s leader has built a name and reputation that resonated with the electorate. This recognition and credibility played a significant role in garnering people’s trust and support. On the other hand, the BTP primarily enjoyed support from the eastern part of the country, while the majority of voters sided with the PDP.

Additionally, the man believes that ineffective campaigns may have contributed to the BTP’s defeat. He suggests that if the party fails to effectively convey its message to the public during campaigns, confusion can arise among voters. This lack of clarity may have hindered the BTP’s ability to connect with the electorate and gain their trust.

A 70-year-old man has expressed his opinion on the reasons behind BTP loss in today’s election. According to him, the PDP manifesto played a significant role in shaping the outcome. The PDP’s promises to benefit farmers and support business activities resonated with the electorate, influencing their voting decisions.

The man highlights that the PDP effectively communicated their manifesto during their campaign, emphasizing their commitment to serving the nation. By clearly outlining the benefits they aimed to provide, the PDP was able to capture the attention and trust of the voters.

This comprehensive approach to campaigning may have swayed people to vote in favor of the PDP rather than the BTP.

The PDP’s promises to support farmers and boost business activities struck a chord with the electorate. Agriculture is a vital sector for the country, and the assurance of assistance and growth in this area likely appealed to many voters. Furthermore, the prospect of a party dedicated to fostering business activities would have garnered support from entrepreneurs and individuals invested in the economic development of the country.

While the BTP may have had its strengths and policies, the man believes that the PDP’s well-communicated manifesto and promises of tangible benefits were key factors in their victory. The electorate’s decision to vote for the PDP demonstrates their desire for a government that prioritizes the welfare of farmers, as well as the overall economic growth of the nation.

The recent loss of BTP has been attributed to the voters’ preference for the policies and candidates of the PDP. According to many observers, the majority of voters showed a strong inclination towards the PDP, leading to their victory. The PDP’s focus on key issues such as economic development, social welfare, and good governance resonated with the electorate, influencing their decision at the polls.

The PDP’s candidate selection process, which included experienced individuals with a track record of public service, also played a significant role in attracting voter support. While the BTP presented its own set of policies and candidates, it was unable to garner the same level of enthusiasm from the electorate.

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