BHSEC 2023:  a reflection of the many successes’ stories  


The principal of Damphu Central School (DCS), Bhuwan Chandra Ghalley, said their school’s success in the 2003 Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate (BHSEC class 12) was a fruition of their hard work and an unwavering will to excel in academics.

 “It’s the unwavering dedication of the individual students, the tireless efforts of faculties, and the support of parents who worked in harmony. “We help students find their focus and help achieve their potential,” Ghalley said.

Bhuwan Chandra Ghalley also encourages the upcoming students who need to attend exams for the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA).

The principal of Desi High School (DHS), Kuenzang Dema, said the late night toils driven by intense enthusiasm and fueled by passion, perseverance and determination were the crucial cogs that enabled them to reach their full potential.

 “Listen to your inner voice (mind) rather than the feeling. There is no substitute for the hard work that comes along the way,” she said.

According to Kuenzang Dema, there is no secret formula or quick fix when it comes to passing the BHSEC examinations. The only key is to create a strong learning framework, engage actively, not passively, and provide assistance when needed. These are the lines of code—the essential features of an individual success program—that will remake their academic narrative.

 “Remove the distractions, accept the process, and obviously, a huge increase in self-assurance will be there. You have the means, one determined step at a time, to scale the peak of BHSEC success that lies ahead,” Kuenzang said.

Similarly, DCS’s embrace of diverse academic pursuits doesn’t diminish the importance of its scientific prowess. Instead, it creates a more inclusive and stimulating environment where every student has the opportunity to shine. Once seen as a secondary choice, commerce is now drawing ambitious minds with its dynamic possibilities, as stated by the principal, Bhuwan Chandra Ghalley.

“There has been holistic improvement in all streams. Students in science could not come in merit at the national level from DCS, while the school’s mean is all above the national average with significant improvement in pass percentage too,” he said.

Bhuwan added that the holistic approach to education empowers young minds to explore their unique potential, regardless of their chosen field, and prepares them for a future filled with limitless possibilities.

Meanwhile, Yash Bahadur Ghalley, the principal of Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School (YHSS), said, “Having worked for so long in the Bhutanese school system and interacting with students, the entire performance or conduct of students is 100 percent dependent on the teacher’s leadership.

“If teachers are professionally effective and efficient, they will mold the child into winners and toppers of any kind,” Yash Bahadur Ghalley said.

 “Each student has a unique learning style, so what suits one may not suit another,” he said. However, this tale is an important reminder that adaptability and resourcefulness can be valuable partners in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Yash Bahadur added that and familiarizing students with the previous exam questions was the most helpful, rather than adhering to a fixed study regimen.

Meanwhile, Jigme Yoezer said, “Hold onto your curiosity, determination, and bravery to reach out for help when needed. The seeds of a wonderful future are the work you are doing now.”

Jigme’s father, Phurpa Dorji, also opined that success is a complex process. “A supportive family environment can be a valuable foundation for a child’s success. This isn’t just about grades and accolades; it’s a story of unwavering dedication, relentless fortitude, and a burning desire to achieve.”

Phurpa said his son’s performance demonstrates his dedication to his work, his insatiable curiosity that drives his learning, and his resilience in confronting challenges.

He shared that with access to resources, a conducive environment for learning, and most importantly, celebrating every milestone, big or small, were some of the tuning keys to encourage a child’s intellectual growth.

Similarly, Rigsel Namgyal, a student of DCS, was just ecstatic, and his parents were elated to receive such wonderful news. Though they never pressured him to excel, they always encouraged him to achieve his potential.

Rigsel Namgyal said, “Study strategy was simple: preparing for exams based on the schedule, ensuring all bases were covered. Belief in one’s effort and success with external factors like prayers and manifestations also played a role.”

 “Lastly, efforts are proportional to results, but only up to a certain point, so overdoing things will only impact you negatively; therefore, look for the right balance. Of course, we couldn’t have achieved this success without all the excellent teachers’ unsung efforts. I will forever be grateful to them.”

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