Should the pledges be achieved, the livelihood of Nanong-Shumar residents will improve



If the pledges made during the General Round Public Debate for the National Assembly Elections 2023-2024 on 28 December are achieved, the residents of Nanong-Shumar constituency in Pemagatshel Dzongkhag, the livelihood of the residents will improve.

Both the candidates for the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) pledged for the development of their constituency if their party formed the next government.

If elected, BTP candidate, Yeshey Jamtsho promises that Nanang Gewog will have a fuel or gas sub-outlet; a road connection from Geri village to Tokary and Chetenzor and then to Khedong to Relung to Nanong.; a road connection from Zhimpuri to Changchun or Terphu.

He also promises to provide cold storage construction for mass potato production at Nanong Gewog.

For Shumar Gewog, if elected, he pledges to connect Denchi to Kengkhar with a new bridge construction at Drangmechhu; construct a bridge at Cherung which connects Borangchilo village; provide water pump to Gonpung village; conduct a feasibility study for Waiphai Bainangwung limestone extraction at Dagor and road connection for Dagor Chiwog to Tshalari with bridge construction at Demri.

Similarly, for Zobel, he pledges to connect Ngangmalag to Zobel to Shomarjug; providing a water pump or water supply for Gonpasingma, Chungkhar, Kherigonpa, Pangthangdaza, and Zobel residents.

Menchu water bath site and shed construction at Zobel village and water supply or pump at Khenadang are some of the pledges he made.

Similarly, PDP candidate, Pema Wangchuk promises to establish a Nu 15 billion Economic Stimulus Plan; develop Denchi Throm into a thriving urban center; promote tourism in Pemagatshel; promote domestic tourism in three gewogs; and establish food processing plants.

If elected, he also pledges to open farm shops in all Gewogs and explore a detailed project report (DPR) for the domestic airport in the Kheri area.In the field of education, Pema Wangchuk pledges to review and establish Central Schools as needed; large Chiwogs will have schools designated as Chiwog School based on the need analysis; declare Saturday holiday for schools in consultation with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) and review an individual work plan (IWP) for teachers in consultation with the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), if elected .

Provide adequate medical staff and equipment for Pemagatshel District hospital; provide one doctor for every Gewogs; ensure that “No one is left behind” and provide health services, including medical examination and blood tests, at patient’s homes for the elderly and persons with disabilities and ensure that every Bhutanese resident will be provided with an annual comprehensive health check-up, including blood tests, endoscopy, and ultrasound are some of the pledges in the field of health sector.

He also promises, if elected, he would improve the road connecting Pemagatshel with Ngnaglam with double Lanning; build a road from Gamung or Denchi to Tsalari-Demri Zomsa; build a road from Dagor to Tsalari-Demri Zomsa; improving the blacktopping of Gewog Center(GC) roads in three gewogs; and provide base course or stone soling all the farm roads.Blacktop all the farm roads to big Chiwogs; build new farm roads and bridges/suspension bridges as required; and entrust the maintenance of all roads at gewog levels to the Department of Surface Transport are some of his promises made during the public debate.

Also constructing or improving the irrigation channels in all Chiwogs and providing reliable safe drinking water for every household in all Gewogs are some of his priorities.

Pema Wangchuk also pledges to provide rationalized fencing support of farmland by providing chain-link fence; provision of machinery support for land preparation, planting, harvesting, and water supply; support local companies and gypsum truckers engaged in the mining sector; and provide interest-free loans to buy power tillers.  

Providing interest-free loans to buy Jersey cows; providing subsidized loans for first-time house construction; providing subsidized loans for first-time utility vehicle purchase; increasing rural life insurance to Nu 150,000; strengthening LG through adequate budget & human resources and one functional pool vehicle for every Gewog; pledges Pema Wangchuk.  

If elected, he also pledges to provide job opportunities for all; provide special support for one youth per household for further education or training abroad; establish a specialized ‘Access to Finance’ window within the ‘Youth Startup Organization’ designed to offer concessional loans to our youth for financing their entrepreneurial ventures; and reducing phone voucher (data charges) by 50 percent and provide a child support allowance of Nu 10,000 per month for every child born after the second child for three years.

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