PDP to consider all pledges irrespective of constituencies


The PDP, from the first day in office, said the party would start to work towards achieving their pledges and consider all those pledges made during the campaign irrespective of their seats from the constituencies.

PDP’s general secretary, Kuenga Tashi, said their ideas and commitments remain crucial. The party’s manifesto encompasses pledges for the country and all the constituencies. “We are committed to delivering all our pledges and value every pledge made by our candidates.”

The immediate focus, Kuenga Tashi said, is that the party will be on reviving and reshaping the economy, addressing urgent societal concerns like healthcare accessibility, education reform, and environmental conservation. These issues require immediate attention and will be prioritized upon assuming office.

The party would emphasize socio-economic development, health, and education reforms, and sustainable development resonated strongly with voters. He said “Our comprehensive manifesto addresses immediate needs while building a foundation for long-term prosperity.

He said their plan involves a phased implementation approach.  The party will start with the most pressing issues and work diligently towards fulfilling our election promises. “Transparency will be our guide, and we aim to work towards achieving key milestones from the first day in office.”

Meanwhile, regarding the key campaign strategies that helped the party to secure victory in the elections, the general secretary said that the party’s key campaign strategies revolved around grassroots engagement, connecting directly with communities, and actively listening to their concerns. “We focused on transparent communication, promising policies, and pledges that were not just aspirational but grounded in the real needs of our citizens.”

Representation is fundamental to our democratic values. “We will establish mechanisms for open dialogue and forums where all voices, regardless of their political affiliation, can contribute to the decision-making process. Collaboration is key to a prosperous future,” he said.

The public, he further said that the party believes, chose PDP because of their sincere commitment to understanding their challenges and providing tangible solutions. “The party’s track record of delivering our pledges and a well-thought-out manifesto for a better future played a significant role in gaining the people’s trust.”

Kuenga Tashi also said that the people of Bhutan responded exceptionally well to their message of inclusivity and progress. The party attributes this success to its inclusive approach, understanding the unique needs of each area, and proposing solutions that resonated deeply with the local population.

And he said bridging gaps and healing divisions is essential for national unity. “We plan to initiate community engagements, and collaborative initiatives that bring people together, emphasizing shared values and common goals for the betterment of our nation.”

Meanwhile, the PDP, having won 30 seats with 179,652 votes from 13 Dzongkhags in the 4th NA Elections, 2023-2024 declared as the Ruling Party to form a fourth government, while Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP), having won 17 seats mostly in the east with 147,123 votes from seven Dzongkhags in the 4th NA Elections, 2023-2024 declared as the Opposition Party.

The PDP’s candidates from Lhuentse, Mongar, Pemagatshel, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Trongsa, and Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhags who lost their votes to BTP pledge to improve the gewog and farm roads with drainage improvement, blacktopping, construct new farm roads and bridges wherever needed and double lane roads in the Dzongkhags amongst the pledges the party’s candidates made during the election.

The double-lane roads include Trashigang to Rangjung road, Pemagatshel to Nganglam road, and along Nganglam to Gyalpozhing road.

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