OL promises to uphold checks and balances in governance


The newly appointed opposition leader (OL), Dasho Pema Chewang, revealed a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring effective checks and balances within the government and representing the interests of the opposition party.

With a strong commitment to upholding the law and serving the best interests of the nation, OL Dasho Pema Chewang said he would emphasize the importance of holding the ruling party accountable for their actions and decisions. He also pledged to actively participate in parliamentary debates, proposing alternative policies and providing constructive criticism to foster a healthy democratic process.

The OL highlighted his responsibility to voice the concerns and aspirations of the opposition party and its supporters and work towards a more inclusive and balanced governance.

By championing the diverse needs of the people, he said the opposition party aims to maintain a robust and accountable government that truly represents the aspirations of the nation.

The unveiling of this comprehensive plan marks a significant turning point for the opposition party, as Dasho assumes the role of opposition leader. With his vision for effective checks and balances, he said the opposition party strives to contribute to a thriving democracy and ensure that the government remains accountable to the people it serves.

The OL shared insightful strategies and initiatives aimed at ensuring effective checks and balances within the government and representing the interests of the minority party.

With a strong focus on the nation’s progress, he emphasized the importance of completing the 13th Five Year Plan, a pivotal milestone as Bhutan transitions from being classified as a Least Developed Country (LDC).

The revival of the economy was identified as an urgent priority, warranting scrutiny of transformation exercises to ensure their effectiveness in enhancing efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

To actively engage with the government and provide alternative policy options, the OL announced the appointment of dedicated focal persons within the opposition to closely monitor the activities of each ministry.

“This strategic move will enable the opposition to extend support to the government when plans and policies align with the larger interests of the nation, while also voicing opposition when necessary;” he said.

By closely tracking government activities, prioritizing economic revival, and appointing focal persons within the ministries, Dasho Pema Chewang highlighted the opposition’s commitment to fostering a healthy democratic process that upholds effective checks and balances.

These efforts aim to ensure that the minority party’s interests are well-represented and that the diverse needs of the nation are taken into account.

In a bid to ensure the timely and efficient implementation of government plans, citizens and civil society organizations (CSOs) are actively advocating and engaging in strategic initiatives. Recognizing the importance of active participation from all stakeholders, these efforts aim to foster a collaborative environment for the successful execution of government policies.

OL said that citizens will play a crucial role by staying informed and actively voicing their concerns and suggestions through various channels. Public consultations, meetings, and online platforms provide opportunities for citizens to express their opinions and contribute to the decision-making process.

By engaging in constructive dialogue, citizens can hold the government accountable and ensure that their interests are represented.

He added CSOs on the other hand, are actively working to bridge the gap between the government and the people. Through research, advocacy, and community mobilization, CSOs are instrumental in raising awareness and promoting the effective implementation of government plans.

To serve their constituents, OL said that opposition members are actively engaging with their communities to address their concerns and bring them to the attention of the government.

The opposition members aim to work collaboratively with the government to fulfill the promises made to the people.

In their respective constituencies, opposition members are committed to keeping track of the government’s promises and reflecting on their pledges. By doing so, they strive to find common ground and work alongside the government to deliver on the commitments made to their constituents.

Furthermore, he added that opposition members recognize their legislative role in shaping laws and policies that serve the best interests of the country. As promised, they will diligently review existing laws and legislation to identify any redundancies or barriers to efficient public service delivery.

With a focus on putting people at the center of the legislative process, he said opposition members will work towards creating gender-neutral and inclusive laws that promote harmony and benefit the entire nation.

Through their active engagement in their constituencies and their commitment to legislative responsibilities, OL said that opposition members aim to ensure that the voices and concerns of the people are heard and that the laws and policies of the country are in line with the aspirations of its citizens.

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