Media professionals hone their skills in multimedia and digital storytelling


The Journalists’ Association of Bhutan (JAB), with the support of the Bhutan Media Foundation (BMF) and in collaboration with the Bhutan Switzerland Society and Bhutan – Canada Foundation, recently organized a two-and-a-half-day workshop on multimedia journalism and Digital Storytelling which concluded on 14 March.

The workshop was led by facilitators Vishal Arora, a Newsreels Asia publisher, and Phub Dorji, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nyingnor Marketing.

The workshop equipped 17 journalists and 13 other members with marketing professionals from the Bank of Bhutan (BoB), Financial Institution Training Institute Limited (FITI), Phensem Parents Support Group under the Civil Society Organization (CSO), and marketing teams from the other media houses to acquire skills to create engaging video contents using Cap Cut, a user-friendly mobile and desktop editing app.

The workshop explored the fundamentals of storytelling, guiding participants in crafting narratives with strong characters, captivating journeys, and impactful resolutions. It also covered the art of composing shots to evoke specific emotions and moods, along with essential cinematography techniques like camera movements and spatial relationships.

The training also focused on understanding Bhutanese audience preferences. This knowledge helps journalists choose the most effective storytelling format for their content. Moreover, it will help them to explore the impact of the program, delving into the experiences of participants and the potential it holds for Bhutanese journalism.

“The media landscape is evolving rapidly and equipping our journalists with the necessary skills to thrive in this digital era is paramount,” said Passang Norbu, the Executive Director of JAB. “This workshop on multimedia and digital storytelling empowers them to create engaging content that resonates with audiences.”

The training culminated in participants developing news scripts and storyboards, followed by filming footage and editing it into compelling video presentations using Cap-Cut.

Kuenga Wangmo, from Kuensel, expressed her delight. “We were amazed to learn about Cap-Cut’s capabilities,” she said. “This app offers a fantastic solution for creating high-quality videos for platforms like TikTok and promotional content. The workshop provided valuable insights into utilizing its extensive features effectively.”

The training fostered a collaborative environment, culminating in participants developing news scripts and digital storyboards based on their chosen stories. At the end of the day, participants were engaged in filming footage and utilize Cap-Cut’s features to transform their stories into compelling video presentations.

A reporter with Business Bhutan, Sangay Rabten, found the training “engaging” and expressed his desire for future sessions on multimedia with digital training.

The training exceeds the boundaries of traditional journalism, attracting participants from various backgrounds.

Meanwhile, facilitator, Phub Dorji revealed plans to conduct similar workshops in the upcoming session. He said, “However, it is rare to get a facilitator like Visual Arora with 23 years of experience and has covered 19 countries both in South East Asia and East Asia.”

He emphasized the importance of tailoring the curriculum to address the specific needs of Bhutanese journalists and expressed a desire to explore incorporating more creative digital storytelling and advanced video editing techniques in upcoming sessions.

The JAB’s collaboration with the Bhutan Switzerland Society and Canada played a crucial role in making the training successful. This partnership exemplifies the international community’s commitment to supporting the development of a free and vibrant press in Bhutan.

The Multimedia Journalism and Digital Storytelling workshop served as a significant change for Bhutanese journalists, equipping them with the tools and techniques to create impactful creative writing and engaging video content. As they integrate these newfound skills into their journalistic practices, audiences can expect to see a new wave of compelling stories afterward, since it helps create a space for mutual learning and growth.

According to Passang Norbu, these seminars have been very engaging and enhanced the abilities of the attendees to produce digital videos using an app that presents creative narratives.

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